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Bundle N Save is the brain child of Landon Page, Landon is one of the Editors here at Internet Search Experts (ISE). ISE is based in Dallas,TX and we created this site to help spread the word that if you bundle your services you could be saving A LOT of money. We started by covering your basic home services: TV, Internet, Phone. But we aim to expand our reaches further from there to just about anything that can be bundled together for a savings. This includes items that you could buy in bulk for really big savings

The Office Characters Best Describe Us Here At ISE
Here at ISE, we believe we are much like the cast of the hit comedy “The Office”. Now we will introduce you to the crew:

Landon Page - David BrentLandon Page – Editor here at ISE
Landon is one of the main editors here at ISE, he lives in Dallas, TX with his wife and 3 kiddos. This site is Landon’s baby so he gets the final say on the direction of Bundle N Save and what products/services/companies are reviewed. He would never think that he’s Michael Scott from “The Office” but Daniel (our web guy) changed out the photo.

Mindy Adams – Customer Relations/News Editor
Mindy is our News Content editor, she is responsible for making sure we have the most up to date industry news and information. She is always going as she provides content for all of our sites. She is also responsible for creating our FAQ’s based on what consumers ask us. So any time you fill in the Contact Us form. Mindy will read your questions.

Daniel Mathews – Web Development
Daniel is our in house web developer, he creates all the forms and coding to our website. Any feature or graphic or back end coding. Daniel is our man for the job. He’s also a big soccer fan and he actually wanted to use the British “The Office” characters but he was out voted.

Mark Reest
Mark is our researcher and office “catch all” guy. He’s also the one tasked with scouring the web to find great deals and to let us know when one of the companies we profiled has changed their offer. He can use help so if you see something we have missed then please let him know.

Let us know if there is anything we can do or add to the site to help you save money when you bundle your home services.

Meet Landon Page
~ Landon Page